Sophia CannonvBSB Approved Judgment March 2023

AB v BSB [Sophia Cannon] December 2020

Approved Report of Finding and Reasons – Kamlish August 2020

Henry Hendron v BSB June 2020

Martin Diggins v BSB February 2020

Michael Shrimpton v BSB January 2019

Anonymised Report 5

Anonymised Report 4

Anonymised Report 3

Anonymised Report 2

Anonymised Report

R Headlam v BSB June 2018

Khan v BSB August 2018 EWHC 2184 (Admin)

Obi-Ezekpazu v BSB July 2018

Godfrey v BSB December 2017

BSB v Emele November 2017

BSB v Crawford December 2017

Report of Finding and Sanction

BSB v McCarthy May 2017

BSB v Howd February 2017

Iteshi v BSB final 17Nov16

Final Rehman v BSB 29 July 2016

Rehman v BSB250516

Oliver White v BSB December 2015

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Mehey.Hayes.Russell v Visitors to the Inns of Court EWCA Civ 1630 [2014]

Norton v BSB July 14

Conlon.Gordon.Williams v BSB July 2014

Okorji v BSB April 2014

BSB v Sivanandan March 2014

BSB v O’Riordan January 2014 (Amended)

Francis Evans QC v BSB December 2013

McCarthy v Visitors to the Inns of Court [2013] EWHC 3253 (Admin) 

Leathley, Mehey & Hayes v Visitors to the Inns of Court [2013] EWHC 3097 (Admin)

Richard St Clair Gainer v BSB October 2013

Allister Walker v BSB September 2013

Tariq Rehman v BSB July 2013

Syed Ahmed v BSB June 2013

Carron Ann Russell v BSB (2013)

Rizwan Ashiq v BSB March 2013

Amanda Quinn v BSB February 2013

Final Report From The Council Of The Inns Of Court (COIC) Disciplinary Tribunals And Hearings Review Group

Carron Ann Russell v Bar Standards Board July2012

Baxendale-Walker v Law Society March 2007

P-v-The General Council of the Bar; Re P (A Barrister); 24-Jan 2005