What we do

On behalf of the President of the Council of the Inns of Court, the Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Service (BTAS) is responsible for appointing and administering:

  • Disciplinary Tribunals for barristers facing charges of professional misconduct under Bar Standards Board Handbook November 17 Part 5B Enforcement Regulations; The Disciplinary Tribunal Regulations

The Bar Standards Board investigates and prosecutes breaches of the Handbook Core Duties and Rules of the Bar of England and Wales.  The Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Service’s role in recruiting, appointing and administering all Disciplinary panels safeguards the independence of the panels within the disciplinary process. In addition, BTAS is responsible for appointing and administering panels appointed under the Inns Conduct Committee Rules – 2020 (ICC).  These panels are appointed to consider admission and disciplinary cases brought by the Inns of Court against student members or applicants for admission to an Inn of Court. BTAS is committed to:

  • providing a hearings service that is efficient, effective, timely, professional and transparent and one that uses up to date practices and approaches;
  • facilitating high quality decision-making in the public interest; and,
  • being independent and providing clear separation of the adjudicatory function from the prosecuting role of the Bar Standards Board.