How we are governed

Since its creation in 1986 and as a result of a Resolution of the Judges dated 26 November 1986, the Council of the Inns of Court (“COIC”) has been the body responsible for recruiting, appointing and administering Bar disciplinary panels.  It does so in accordance with its constitution, which specifies that Disciplinary Tribunals shall be appointed in accordance with the provisions of the Disciplinary Tribunal Regulations.  On behalf of the President of the Council of the Inns of Court, the Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Service (BTAS) is responsible for appointing and administering Disciplinary Tribunals and other panels.

As a result of the Legal Services Act 2007, the Bar Standards Board has responsibility for disciplinary arrangements for barristers.  From 2010-13 an informal Memorandum of Understanding existed between COIC and the Bar Standards Board on disciplinary matters.  The Memorandum was replaced on 23 October 2013 by a formal Service Agreement between COIC and the Bar Standards Board which relates to the services that BTAS now provides in relation to disciplinary tribunals.  In due course we will publish further details of the service specification and other relevant information.

Chairs and committees